The Ratmask III

Die Maske ist fast fertig

The Rat

– the rat –

there was a rat living nearby
a rat with strangely yellowish fur
her eyes were beady and whiskers she had
which let me to suspect the feelings she had

the day i watched her going out
to search for food i guess
she stopped dead stayed put a while
at the threshold of her nest

the tiny hairs trembled hard
the tail lay there distinctly stiff
i realised that fear she had
to step out into the mighty mist

what lies there
whose shadows do i see
whose eyes do there gleam
do they lie on me
whose breath do i feel
whose aims do i scent
are they meant for me

a rat she was and she knew well
the nature of her being
so she went out scurried fast away
to look after here modest living

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